EssayOnTime – does the name reflect the feature? Read about it in an honest review.

Sometimes you need to get an academic paper real quick. The reasons why may vary, but the result is the one – you are nervous because you are one step from a bad mark. I have been in such situation and decided to find a company who will write a paper real quick. The search engine gave me this company as one of the first results. Now I have decided to write a little review and describe what I have got.

The site’s look and its content

I thought that the word “on time” was the main goal of the site owners: they tried to build the site as quick as they could. That’s why it is looking so regular – you will not find any unique or interesting types or images, only standard stock images and banners. To tell the truth, such sites were not new even at the end of 90’s. The first conclusion – design is very bad, and I did not like the color scheme they had chosen. The content also needs some revision. Luckily, they have got all needed pages on their places, but you will lose yourself in SEO optimized text. Moreover, as for me, they got too many “call to action” banners. They are annoying and makes up a feeling they are bagging you for an order. Testimonial page left an unpleasant feeling – just take a brief look and you will understand what I am talking about. As for me, there were no sincere opinions in there; they seemed to be created by site owners. The site’s support worked well, but sometimes I had to wait for the response and that was annoying, especially with my quick order. It I useful to check the sample papers situated on the site before making a purchase.

Pricing and offers

My EssayOnTime review cannot pass by the site’s prices – the heart of any business. They start from $22 and finish with $49 per one page of an essay. The prices depend on the deadlines (they are standard from 2 months (dissertation) to 3 hours) and quality of writing (standard, premium and platinum). A plus of this company is the amount of styles they are ready to apply to the paper. If you need your own style, you can describe it easily. Talking about offers, the EssayOnTime can write for you all popular kinds of academic writing, starting from essays, dissertations, article/book/movie reviews and ending with assignment writing. They also offer their help with different assignments on any subjects. Also I have noticed an unpleasant way of uncovered cheating – they offer some special features for money:
1) Proofreading by an editor for $5.50 (isn’t my paper being written by a professional writer who cannot make mistakes?)
2) Your paper is written by one of the top writers for $11 (aren’t they all professionals?)
3) Plagiarism report for $3.30 (there are a lot of free plagiarism checkers or custom writing sites where it can be done without paying money)
4) VIP support for $9.99 (which is nonsense, as all support team have to be professional)
5) All listed above for $15.89
By the way, you should put your moue on the question marks that describe each offer on site to have another evidence of
site’s lousiness.

The quality of the paper I have got

I decided to put on test and asked for a quick essay on biology, 6 pages long, platinum quality and 3 hours
deadline. As I expected, I did not get the paper in time, the support team asked me for additional 2 hours. However, even
with added time I had a rather poor paper with the lack of proves and citations and some mistakes. I asked for a revision
and argued a lot with support team about its necessity. All in all, I asked for a refund but they did not give it to me
standing on the acceptable quality of my paper.

Should you visit the site?

I cannot say you should. Believe me, you can find more generous, professional and pretty services on the web. This one made me regret visiting it.

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