EssayMama – a review on a writing company that will dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Sometimes we have to ask for custom writers’ help because the assignments we get are too difficult or we just do not have time for them. But what service is the best when you are in the real rush? A month ago I faced such situation: I needed to get 3 different papers in a day, and I choose to help me. See what happened next!

Website and its filling

The first feeling you get when you visit the site of the company: how cute and childish! The design is appealing, but a little bit funny. I cannot say that I liked the color theme: it does not correspond with the 40’s style of the whole site. I do not know how other see it, but the site did not correspond with the screen of my device, so I had to scroll everything from left to right. However, the design does not matter, when we talk about writing. The links are clear for a visitor; however, the separate list of all services would be in use, that one which is on the main page is not full at all. Instead of this, they have placed SEO optimized links under the main menu, and they look a little bit ridiculous.
You will be able to check what do they got by clicking on the order button and choosing the appropriate variant from the drop-down menu. As for the entertainment, the EssayMama writes the blog, where you will find some interesting articles and advice on how to write a paper yourself. The developers try to follow modern trends, so there are a lot of social networks links on the site. The support works exactly how they ay: they are available 24/7 and they are swift. As for their service, they are as cunning as usual support teams: they will be polite, but it does not mean that they will do all what you need.


Papers and price for them

As for the papers, can write whatever you want, beginning with a simple essay and ending with difficult analysis, business plans, and assignment works. At least, they have such options. It is pleasant that you do not have to register before seeing how much will you pay for the paper. They have got a pretty good order page, where you can calculate your future price and form the order completely. By the way, the price can be counted in four different currencies. As for the prices, I think they are too high for a writing company. Especially for those who need an essay immediately. I had to pay around $42 per one page for a simple essay. There are some options to increase the price of your order:
1) you can order a VIP support (absolutely senseless, in my opinion),
2) choose one from top 10 writers (I cannot believe this section, as I cannot see what writers work for them and what
are their achievements),
3) additional proofreading by an editor (which is also being without any sense, as the guarantees say I will have a
unique and great paper),
4) everything together with a 40% discount.
As for me, it is wasting money for newcomers and inexperienced writing sites users. You may like their discount system: they have got a 20% of welcoming discount, and for regular users they have got an accumulative discount, that depends on the total amount of pages ordered and varies from 5% to 15%. As for the guarantees, they are similar to those on different sites: you will get a 100% unique paper on time, with excellent support and full confidentiality.

The quality of writing

I had to order my essays quickly, so I chose the shortest deadline (3 hours). One essay was not difficult, a review of modern inventions in medicine, and it was written well. The other was on art and concerned the main problems of baroque architecture. There were some problems; I believe they just did not find the proper writer in time, so they missed a couple of hours. The essay was good, but its quality was not corresponding with my order. It seemed it was written by a  first-grade student. The third essay was also late. It was on mathematics, and the writer missed some important part of my assignment. So, at the end, I can say that the writers worked nice, but the result could be much better.

The final opinion

At the end of this Essaymama review, I cannot advise this site to people with serious assignments because of writing quality and price, but if you have to write something easy, but boring, this may be a variant for you.

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