What Kind Of Essay Writing Service Is?

Some time ago I had to write several essays on different topics for my college studies. The subjects were not related and I knew that I would not master them. You know, there is always no time for such assignments and you try to put them on the back burner. I have never been familiar to the online essay writers’ sphere, but I decided that CustomWritings was the best option. Among thousands of sites this one came to my mind and fixed in there, so I thought about choosing it. Now I will tell you what the result of my decision was.

Appearance and support

When you enter this site,, it may look cheap for you. As a matter of fact, I could not even call it a full-grown website, just an advertising page of a writing service. There is no exceed information, few links that lead you to terms of use and ordering, some photos of happy students. Honestly, I have never been obsessed with the appearance, so proceeded to support team, as I hoped to get some answers beforehand. It was the first disappointment, as they had online chat and testimonials page, but they were really bad. The testimonials seemed to be fake: there was no evidence that they were written by real customers. Never mind the FAQs page, it is lousy and consists of general questions. The online chat operators were not easy to be reached, I had to wait. The only way to get your questions answered was the phone call.

Prices, offers and ordering on this site

In spite of support failure, I managed to find the pricing page. Now, looking down on every essay writing company, I can say they have got sophisticated tastes. The pricing system is rather flexible; they divide it by your grade and the deadline you need. So, for one standard page of text, you will pay:

• $13-14 for undergraduate level,
• $22 for master’s level,
• $25 for the post-graduate level,

taking the maximum deadline of 14 days as an example. I think I know how they stayed on market, the prices are quite affordable. I haven’t noticed any discounts and offers during making my order and I am afraid they do not have them now. At least, the whole process of ordering was rather comfortable: everything is on one page; you just enter the information about your credit card and wait for payment confirmation.

Process of writing and quality

After placing an order I got an email that it became being processed on. For my request about communication with the writer, I got a kind refuse and desire to transfer all I needed via support. That pissed me off, as I had no much time and there were too many assignments. That led to the expected result: there were a lot of corrections, we all did not understand each other. Well, at least they did not charge me for my requests about rewriting the papers. And by the way, if you work with them, do not even try to cancel an order if you do not need it anymore, they will try to leave your money with them by any means. As for the quality of papers, it was just well. I understand that writers were in a hurry, but I had to request much to be revised. At least, they kept their word about plagiarism: none of my professors found anything.

A little conclusion

To sum all written here up in this CustomWritings review, I will say that this website is not likely to be worthy of your time and efforts. They have got too many glitches, beginning from the site itself and ending with writing. Believe me; you will spend more nerves than money. As for me, I have already found my favorite online essay writing service and hope you will find yours too. And even with such low prices, you can find a company where you can save much more money, believe me.

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