Bright and dark sides of CustomEssayWriter academic writing service

Some time ago I have faced an academic writing service on the site I have some words to say about the site and experience with it. As for the reputation of the site, people opinions are divided. Some claim that company is good, others will never return to it. I will try, to sum up everything with my own examples.

Advantages of CustomEssayWriter

  1. First of all, I want to admit the simplicity of the website. You will never get stuck; everything you need is situated on the top. It is better not to surf the site for services, but go straight to the prices table. They can write a great amount of different kinds of papers with different styles, classic ones and Oxford, which is specifically British one.
  2. The support team is always ready for any answers, they are easy to connect with and available every hour.
  3. The ordering page has got a pretty price calculator, which can be reached without creating an account. It covers almost all aspects of the assignment.
  4. The guarantees the site is giving are standard for all sites of such kind: the paper is plagiarism free, your actions are confidential, you have a right to return your money and ask for unlimited revisions within a certain time.
  5. You can promote your order among others, so it will get a writer quicker than all.
  6. You can subscribe on the news of the site with social media buttons.
  7. You can get a promo code from the support team.
Problems with the site that I have found

Unfortunately, this is the major part of the article, and other people from the web are agreeing with me. There are too many problems for this CustomEssayWriter review:

  • First of all, the design is poor. Yes, it is pretty, but it is more than usual. Nowadays, every self-respecting company tries to have a unique web page. I would say it is a must. Here we can feel that the free site template was used.
  • Moreover, the site contains a lot of necessary information and many calls to action. They are annoying. When you try to leave the site, a banner does not let you do it for the first time. It says only bout owners’ willing to make money.
  • I have never seen such high prices before. One page of text starts from $13 and ends with $114, depending on the writing level and deadline.
  • The option of getting your order promoted is useless – the deadline you set up should be followed anyway.
  • I have ordered a psychology essay on Master’s Level but got a paper for undergraduate level. The paper was poorly cited and there were few references to real life researchers. The bibliography also did not impress me
  • When I tried to ask a writer to rewrite an essay, they made me waiting for a long time. The whole process took about a week, but I still had not a needed level writing. I contacted them every day, but they always got away from the straight answer.

My thoughts about the situation with CustomEssayWriter

To say honestly, I am not satisfied with this service. I have wasted huge money and a lot of time on a lousy paper and anti-stress pills. I was lucky the essay was not urgent, but I am sorry for those people who need immediate results. I wonder what factor raised the prices so high. Obviously, there is no reason for that: the writers do not seem to be professional; the whole team tries to cheat on you by all means. Yes, I cannot say the paper was a total disaster, but I had to get more for such money. My advice to the service owners: guys, hire professional writers or revise your prices immediately. One for people like me: believe me, my friends, you will find a lot of companies that would gladly get you an excellent paper for the money asks from you.

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