EssayTigers – are they predators on the market or just scared kittens? Honest customer’s review.

Among different websites that sell essays, is famous. It is an old player with traditions and a certain reputation. I have heard about this company before, but have never seen it. Several days ago I decided to reveal the mystery and test the site. I got a great opportunity – there was an assignment for a rather complicated essay.

The appearance of the site

Honestly, it did not impress me, but, it was still cool. I did not wait anything else from such company. It was obvious that in the color palette yellow and black ruled. I did not bother about the colors, they looked harmonic. Nowadays you are lucky if you find a site without bright banners offering you spending money. All in all, the site was just ok.
All necessary information is on its places. Of course, SEO was in it, so do not mind some silly links like write my essay in the services menu. I bet that such links stay untouched all the time. I was pleased with the possibility to read the blog. It is not necessary, but sometimes you can find something really interesting there. Another factor that does well for the company – they are integrated into Facebook and use it constantly. To cut a long story short – the company seems to be interesting to interact with.

Range of services and the features of the company

You will not find a separate page telling you about all services company got, but you can check the price page to get a brief conception about their possibilities. EssayTigers are ready to write all standard papers for you, beginning from essays of any type and ending with specialized papers. The company tries to point out that it also good in proofreading, editing and correcting already existing papers. The fist vexatious minus I have noticed was the obligation to put into my personal data for entering the order page. It is not a modern approach which can care some people from the site. As for the guarantees, they are similar to ones from any other writing site: all-time support, free revisions available for several days after getting a paper, quality, confidentiality and plagiarism-free claims. Customer support proved its reputation and was always available. They seem to be polite until you start speaking about problems with the paper. I have found some unique extra I have never seen before: for additional money you will get a top writer with great reputation and VIP support. It would sound good if it wasn’t a free duty for every self-respecting custom writing service nowadays.


1) they try to make more money on inexperienced customers.
2) they claim to be handymen in any kind of writing, but it is not true.
3) the company tries to go out from the grey mass by any men, but it is still a regular site for making money.

How much will they charge?

Prices are the compulsory part of any review, and the pricing policy of this company is the brightest moment in this EssayTigers overview. The cost of one page of essay writing is fluctuating between $10 and $56. It is more than affordable. However, if we talk about admission help, the situation is absolutely different: they will ask you to pay from $41 to $197 for one page. There is a simple discount system: the discount is raised depending on the total price. I could not find any discount for newcomers, but they conduct promos on Facebook from time to time.

How do they complete the orders?

This part is the saddest one: I needed a complicated high level essay and they have failed it. The text contained grammatical errors and was simply poor. There was a feeling that my writer was still a schoolboy. I asked for my revision, but they began convincing me that the paper was written well. I won the argument, but further corrections were near to senseless.

My honest verdict

The company can be called a pleasant sight for sore eyes. In spite of many shortcomings, they try to look cool. I do not know how they managed to stay for so long with such unprofessional writers. I think I was just unlucky with my writer. However, this case showed me that I will have to find the other company to work for.

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