EssayCapital – do they meet our expectations?

Some time ago I have found an interesting custom writing service called EssayCapital. I had to write a quick paper and was searching for a new site to work with. I went on this one because of some positive reviews I have found before. Now I know what they are and here is my review on the company.

The first impression

Firstly I wanted to shut off the site because of its appearance. I cannot say it is a total disaster, but I did not like it. In my opinion, the color scheme is too bright and acidic, so it is definitely not a sight for sore eyes. The site is simple, but very uncomfortable to use. I got lost in the menus, as on the top they have got the papers they are ready to write (and it is even not the full list) for you and the main menu is situated to the left. The online chat popped up and covered a half of the screen, so I had to shut it. It is another minus. As for me, the site is constantly forcing you to buy from them. I understand, this is a marketing approach, but being so importunate drives me mad. Moreover, if you try to shut down the site, another banner will pop up. So prepare your nerves! They have got a blog, bit I did not like its content and appearance. It seems to exist only for SEO purposes. There are some sample papers you can look at before ordering. It is interesting, if they write such papers for customers.

What are their offers and how much do they cost?

You will be able to find the full list of papers they sell on the pricing or order page. The list is rather wide; they are offering academic writing, business papers, admission essays of any type, help with different assignments, researching, data analysis and creative writing. Also they are ready to edit and paraphrase your already existing paper. I have some doubts about correspondence between paraphrasing offer and 100% uniqueness of any paper. It made me a little bit suspicious. The deadlines are flexible – the biggest one for the essay is 20 days and for the dissertation is 2 months. The shortest ones are 3 and 48 hours correspondently. So this can be a site of a last chance, when you do not have time at all. They have some special features they sell to the customers:

1) VIP support, that will cover all your needs;
2) 1 page summary of the paper, which is needed for those who has no time for reading an already made paper;
3) Plagiarism check;
4) Top writer who will write a paper for you;
5) Making the order of the highest priority.

I do not know if someone needs such offers, but, luckily, they are not necessary to buy. The guarantees you 100% unique papers, full satisfaction, on time delivery and free revisions.

What did I get for my order?

As for the paper writing, the site has got some advantages. I have to admit that my difficult assignment on politics was followed and the writer caught all needed points. It was easy for him, as the site allows direct communication between us. As for the quality of paper, it was acceptable. I had to make some revisions by myself, but still it was a paper I expected. I did not even ask support team for help. But I decided to test them and they were available in the night. They have answered my questions. Then I decided to call them and I was successful.

The final opinion about the site

Ending my EssayCapital review, I have to admit that the site has got problems, but they are not big and do not concern writing too much. I think I was just lucky to get a good writer. So next time I may return to them if I do not find anything more interesting. People who got different assignments can count on them; however, I have seen some negative reviews on the site.

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