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This is my experience of cooperating with the site called I had to write some essays and was in the process of searching for a convenient service.
Among many others, the search engine gave me this one. From the first sight, the site was rather promising. However, as I discovered in some time, there were some notes I need to voice.

First impressions

From the very beginning, the site tries to catch you with appearance. It is pleasant to look at. The page is not tricky, but at least it is not irritating you with bright colors and boring advertisement. It is quite easy to navigate: you do not need to search for needed links, everything is intuitively clear. After some time your eyes will be a stroke with some unnecessary pages and text. Probably, they are needed for the search engine optimization. I understand, it is necessary for new sites, but still, it is looking very funny. As I am an experienced academic writing service user, I decided to checksupport immediately. They were reached very swiftly; there is a sidebar on the page. They answered all questions. I was happy to know that I was able to chat with my writer (under support’s control, but still it is a good option). All in all, the support team was good in answering questions but was not in further interacting. Plus, the site has got a comfy plagiarism checker. It is free to use and rather good. As for the standard guarantees, they got everything packed and loaded. I need to point out that they guarantee free revisions.

advancedwriters review

Ordering and waiting for the paper

To make a purchase or not – that was not a question for me, my first impressions about AdvancedWriters were well enough. I proceeded to the order page, placed an order, calculated the prices with the inbuilt calculator and paid. Some words about prices: they are rather high but within the scope of proprieties. For one page you can pay from $13 to $51. As for the deadlines – the longest one is 1 month, the shortest is 8 hours. It is not very comfortable for those who need a huge paper to be written. There were no welcome bonuses, only accumulative discount for returning customers. That was sad but acceptable. I have to mention that I had sent the clear assignment to the writer, but it did not help.

The result of their work

In spite of writer who had time to finish the essay, it was terrific. I did not know whether to laugh or cry: I paid for an essay, but it appeared to be a total disaster. It had to describe a face-off between scientific and religious way to human sciences with scientific bias, but in fact, it was a simple description why science is bad when we study human. Obviously, it was not a paper I could get to my professor, so I immediately asked to rewrite the whole paper, as it did not meet my task at all, but I just got a few revisions with cosmetic repairs. Moreover, the writer tried to stretch the revision time out by any means. To my horror, in some days support team told me I have run out of time and further corrections were prohibited. I asked for a refund, but still, do not have it.

An aftertaste

I hope writing this AdvancedWriters review will help many people to think twice before ordering something. It is a clear example of a cheating company: bright cover, full of politeness, but inside you will find unprofessional writers and zero customer care. I would advise this website only for those, who:

1) Have a lot of money to waste;
2) Does not really bother about the result, but needs a paper just for paper;
3) Have got strong nerves and lots of patience;
4) Do not need to anything more serious than a shopping list.

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