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Tutor.com is claim itself as a service for student assistance in essay or thesis writing. Usually this service do not produce essays for clients who are about to enter any university but they help the students to create great essays, which can be useful in achieving their goals. The vast majority of the clients of such sites would like to save their time and buy a finished product. But Tutor.com says it can only provide some help. They seem to have a crew of well-educated admissions editors who can offer a writing assistance for university or college entrant. But most of them are looking for somebody to do all the work for them instead of somebody to tell them how to write papers or to edit them.  Nevertheless, as the authorities of Tutor.com admit, they can help clients to maximize their chances of admission no matter where they went into their student future.

5According to the information from the site, Tutor.com has been gaining its experience in writing essays for more than ten years, and, as they claim, the main and the only reason they have had its reputation lays in their absence of compromise in the quality policy. They try to reassure their customers that they are able to produce an essay in a very short period of time. It may be a good point, but it may be a big wake-up call as well. We know that producing a good product takes time and cannot stand rush. Tutor.com also attracts clients by their reviews which they consider to be the highlight of their service. Some companies still use this trick claiming that is the way customers can check their experience. But no one can control the statement that Tutor.com reviews show the real situation in this service. And there is no guarantee that you can get real information about the service through Tutor.com reviews.

Tutor.com guarantees:

Despite all mentioned above Tutor.com guarantees some free services for students such as page of bibliography, front page, revision. They also promise to implement all standards ant complete work at the appointed time.

Tutor.com Services:

6Tutor.com provides more services like writing of admission essays, personal statements, service of paper editing, both academic and school levels, scholarship essays editing, letters of recommendation, etc.

Tutor.com, as most of similar services, promote themselves by reassuring us that they have highly specialized editors in each area who are ready to help students to create an essay that will make them stand out from the crowd. Tutor.com even has workers who can help the student to prepare for the interview.

Exceptional features Tutor.com:

Tutor.com performs itself as a service which only hires graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford. It is a courageous statement, but hardly to be proven. However, Tutor.com team is very fast, and they can ensure that orders can be ready even for a very short time.


Tutor.com charges an additional fee for the use of each service. Their main price for service of preparation for an interview is $ 199. Essay editing and proofreading service will cost you starting from $ 59 for the texts with maximum 300 words. MBA personal application editing service this service will charge you $ 69 for less than 600 words and 99 $ for texts with 601 to 1200 word units.

Contact information for customers:

Customers have opportunity to contact Tutor.com via online chat. Clients can find their contact number and other information on service website. According to it, customer service is available 24/7 hours. Tutor.com also shows different address for business and for customer service in its website. In addition, they have a separate email address.

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