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You all know what a disaster a sudden task from your professor can become. I have failed one of my tests and for making things better my professor told me to write a huge paper. That was annoying, as I had no time at all. I cannot say I am a novice in using the help of custom essay writers, but I was still looking for my special website. That time I decided to choose BestEssays because my friend told me they had made him a good paper before. Now I want to tell you about this site, as I have been their client already.

A few words about positive moments

The site called is full of different information. It is really interesting to surf it through. You will find a lot of information about different subjects and papers as well as sample assignment of any kinds. They have described their job well, but I don’t think that t person, who needs an essay on marketing, for example, will be interested in getting known about marketing basics. I can tell their prices are regular: you may find cheaper sites, as well as more expensive ones. It is not the cheapest site I have ever seen, the prices vary from $22 to $61 for a standard page of an essay, depending on the deadline and quality. However, the prices could be much higher, so the result is quite affordable. Luckily, they accept all standard payment systems. Also, they always have got different bonuses, so you can save much money depending on your order. Secondly, they really tried to make my paper in time. Honestly, I cannot say it was too difficult and they exceeded the deadline for six hours. It was not critical for me, so I did not begin arguing. Surprisingly, my essay was pretty good, and I got B- for it, which was absolutely enough. At least, I hadn’t to rewrite it from scratch, just made few corrections.

Negative sides of the site

In spite of good writing and rapidness, these guys have got a lot of bad features that any essay writing service should avoid. First of all, it is very difficult to contact them. They have got an online chat and swear that they are available anytime, but you will wait long for an answer of a support manager. The support team seems to be polite, but when the speech touches reviews or refunds, they try to keep your money by any means. Plus, there are a lot of unnecessary actions to be performed in case you want to register. The range on paper writing they provide with is rather wide, but I am not sure they have skilled writers for difficult tasks. I read other customers’ thoughts and that was the main point they did not return to them. As you can guess, I had no possibility to speak with my writer directly; I was forced to transfer all suggestions via support team emails. If they had had such feature, my essay would be ready much quicker, I think.

Do you have to visit them?

Guys and girls, believe me, you can find better service. Here is a list of reasons to leave them described in this BestEssays review:
1) You can use their help only if you have got a lot of free time and patience.
2) As I already told, do not count on them if you need something more serious than a simple essay.
3) I do not know if they will make your paper by the deadline, but if you need the task to be made in several hours,
I bet they will fail it.
Better think twice about all risks I have just described and try to find something more convenient. In my honest opinion, they do well somehow, but many things need to be revised and improved. So next time I will try to find a more convenient service that will meet all expectations.

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